Read the Best Practices You Should Follow When Working Remotely

Simply line up the cursor to find a time when everyone will be awake, or a time that aligns with other parameters set in place. If you are receiving information, always assume the person has good intent. Development Development Frontend, backend, web and app developer jobs. Slack emojis, also known as reacjis, are a fun way to spice up your normal business communication.

Their 150+ distributed team is spread across 80+ cities worldwide. While it may seem strange to let people work at all times of the day, you’re already going to be doing that indirectly by working across time zones.

Get Your Asynchronous Communication On Point

Turn your kindness and understanding knob up about 15% when you’re remote. It might feel odd, but the space for miscommunication and misunderstanding can compound.

best practices for working across time zones

With website personalization, you can even make certain approved documents into a public resource that customers can access as part of a self-service help platform. HRO Solution Full-service HR, benefit management, payroll, recruiting, risk and compliance with leading HR technology. Follow this author to stay notified about their latest stories. We’ve both spent our professional careers diving into freelancing, working across time zones both together and individually, and we’re excited to share our best freelancing tips, tricks and hacks, with you, here on our blog. I recommend filling up the world clock function with locations you typically reference, whether it’s Miami, Dallas and San Francisco, or Moscow, Mumbai and Melbourne. Don’t miss our evergreen list of how to pack for a remote work trip, for anywhere in the world.


While this enables you to expand your business and client base, it can present its challenges—like trying to communicate effectively with customers when they’re operating in different time zones. When I Work offers time zone settings that determine how schedules and time entries are viewed and created. This article covers best practices for Admins configuring the time zones for your workplace and users through example scenarios.

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  • These moments will strengthen your team’s bond, making working remotely more productive.
  • When it comes to working with teams across different time zones, the number one rule is to be mindful, empathetic, and respectful.
  • You also have to be fair to every member in the team by balancing their schedules and stays in particular locations.
  • That meant meetings were the first thing on my calendar at 5 am and the last thing on my co-workers’ schedules at the end of the day.
  • Teams operating across several time zones cannot comprehend the message through synchronized conversation, facial expressions, or nonverbal indicators.
  • It’s tempting to believe that sending someone a fast email will save them time, while in reality, it may end up wasting more of their day.

But what if your remote colleague is going to see your message hours later and you’ll be out of your office by then? If they run into trouble with access, they’ll have to wait another day until they can do the work (or you’ll be receiving a late-night phone call!). This loss of productivity — and increase in frustration — can add up quickly. Aside from allowing people to work on the same projects in different timezones, these tools allow global employees to stay on the same page about what aspects of a project have been completed. Working during one chunk of the day caters to your timezone, followed by another shift that caters to another team’s timezone, is often called a split shift.

Check out your workspace over the weekend.

So it’s fair to rotate meeting times between time zones every month or quarter. This ensures no one team is constantly making the sacrifice to stay connected. And it may get everyone to start thinking twice about holding meetings when they’re the one clocking in odd hours. Asynchronous communication should be standard for remote teams, especially those with employees in different time zones.

What are the five key elements of effective meetings?

  • A clear purpose. Every meeting has to have a clear purpose.
  • Outcomes. Every meeting has to have a maximum of three outcomes.
  • An agenda. Every meeting has to have an agenda.
  • Start on time.
  • Finish five minutes early.

Of course, there’s the argument that the vast majority of meetings may not be necessary, and flexibility is pretty much a part of the remote job description. Still, some form of meetings is vital for organizations looking to keep the connection and interaction across distributed teams. Cloud-based technology allowed a number of industries to adopt some form of remote work model. Naturally, organizations jumped at the opportunity to select from a global pool of talent which is, essentially, the key factor that led to the formation of teams that span across different time zones. Still, as much as it might be pretty seamless for a tech company to adjust their operations to working across time zones, for some industries and teams, this practice is simply not viable. Let’s get a more detailed look at what types of teams are leading the way in working across time zones.

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